Our tool

Software-EKG is a powerful tool for time series analysis developed by QAware Software Engineering. Utilizing a highly efficient search index and optimized algorithms, the tool enables you to both visualize and analyze time series containing billions of values.

Our special COVID-19 Edition provides you with the latest data on COVID-19 from all countries worldwide. Not only can you get a detailed overview of the Coronavirus pandemic in a single country, it is also possible to compare different countries with each other using a plethora of metrics like positive test rate, population density or even hospital beds available.

Our source

Software-EKG – COVID-19 Edition uses data from Our World in Data (OWID), a scientific online publication based at the University of Oxford with a focus on large-scale global problems. OWID data is trusted both in media (BBC, Washington Post, New York Times) and teaching (Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley).

As one of the leading organizations publishing global data on the Coronavirus pandemic, OWID has created and maintained a worldwide database on testing for COVID-19.

Our mission

We do not, in any way, manipulate or change data gathered by OWID. 

Our goal is to provide you with the raw data on COVID-19, included in a powerful tool that lets you analyze, visualize and interpret the impacts of the pandemic on a long term basis.

By providing Software-EKG – COVID-19 Edition free of charge, QAware wants to contribute to a better understanding of the pandemic and support the global efforts against it.




Do I need to download and import COVID-19 data manually?
No, you don’t. Our tool is designed to be most convenient for the user. It automatically downloads and imports the latest data from OWID at startup.
Do I need to manually update the data?
No, you don’t. Whenever you restart Software-EKG – COVID-19 Edition, data will be updated in the background. So, you can always work with the latest COVID-19 data, provided that your internet connection is stable.
What happens if I am not connected to the internet?
A connection to the internet is only required during startup to update the data. If you should not be able to connect to the internet, you can also work offline with the data that was imported last.
What exactly is downloaded by the tool?
A CSV file containing the data is downloaded from the official OWID GitHub repository. The current file size is about 10 MB.
Can I use filters to further analyze data?
 Yes. Thanks to the Metric-Tab at the top you can apply fine-grained filters for your analysis.
What do the different metrics mean?
 A detailed explanation of all the metrics used can be found here: https://github.com/owid/covid-19-data/blob/master/public/data/owid-covid-codebook.csv
Are there any hidden costs when using Software-EKG – COVID-19 Edition?
No, there aren’t. Both the tool and the OWID data are completely free of charge.
MacOS warns me about potential malware contained in your software. What should I do?
Currently, we are not considered verified developers by Apple, meaning that our software has not been checked by the company yet. We guarantee there is no malware whatsoever included in our software. Additionally, you can compare the SHA256 checksum of the zip-file to be sure you received software that was developed by us. 

The SHA256 checksum is: 2ef3eb86a24cb6f4b2dd6886d715f27f0c82ef43dc1e4f58a7e60873a49372a6.

In order to execute the application you need to confirm in your settings that you trust the software.

At startup the application returns an error: I/O error accessing Solr. What can I do?

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