In the QAware Software Engineering teams, managers, consultants, engineers and architects work cooperatively on an equal footing to develop solutions for our customers. The digital products our teams create don't just have a bright facade. Behind it are stable software architectures, clean code and lots of software craftmanship.

We want to be part of an active and large software engineering community. We want to learn from each other and get better every day. Therefore, we like to share our knowledge through conference contributions, articles and videos. If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe our newsletter, use our social media channels or join our Meetup groups. You are also welcome to contact us directly through these channels.

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Cloud Native Night Munich

Cloud Native Nights are all about a new way to build distributed applications. The main focus is on scalability, robustness, and flexibility.

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Cloud Native Night Mainz

We are interested in the Cloud Native Stack with Mesos, Kubernetes, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, and Big Data solutions like Lucidworks Fusion and Apache Spark.

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Codineers Rosenheim

We are Coders + Engineers passionate about Software Architecture, Clean Code, Software Craftmanship and anything else that concerns Software Engineering.

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Software Engineering Blog

QAware Software Engineering Blog

SonarQube with JaCoCo in multi-module Maven project

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QAware Smart Office with LoRaWAN and GCP

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Presenting Software EKG - COVID-19 Edition

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QAware @ YouTube

Canary Release Process Demo with Linkerd and Flagger

Using AppCDS to boost your Jakarta EE application startup time

Put Your Containers on a Secure Diet with Google Distroless

Articles & Posters


Beschleunigung der digitalen Produktentwicklung durch den Einsatz von Open Source Bausteinen

(in German only)

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DevOps Prinzipien im Zusammenspiel mit Kubernetes

(in German only)

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Remote Collaboration – Der digitale Wollschnur-Zwilling

(in German only)

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Conference & Meetup Slides

QAware @ Slideshare
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Cloud Native API Gateways

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Cloud-Native API Gateways

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Chaos Engineering

Der Status Quo des Chaos Engineerings

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DevOps Tooling with Java & GraalVM

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Remote Work Library

Remote Work Library

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Whether at the water cooler or the coffee machine: Taking breaks, especially together with your colleagues, is important. What usually just happens in normal office routine needs some assistance in a remote work situation...

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Virtual Collaboration Spaces

Virtual Collaboration Spaces are the remote equivalent to offices and meeting rooms. You join those collaboration spaces to let serendipitous moments happen, happen, get the awareness...


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Team Health Checks

Health checks are a special form of feedback from colleagues in the team or company regarding how they are currently doing: mental, satisfaction with processes, tooling and goals...


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Open Source Projects

QAware @ GitHub


Lightweight Developer Provisioning with Gradle.


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Open API v3 generator for Spring Boot  

This library automatically generates an OpenApi v3 specification at runtime for Spring Boot applications.

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Go Offline Maven Plugin

Download all dependencies & plugins for your Maven build.


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